Week 6

This week I have learned several new things in different areas.

I have written my own python script which takes a photo. I have written three lessons in tutorial: “Taking a photo”, “Taking a photo using code” and “Recording a video”. When I were studying these areas I have encountered some problems and I have found the same problems on ros answers. Ros answers is an open source question and answer forum. I hope that after publishing this tutorial such problems will not appear. Here is a video from TurtleBot camera:

I have learned some information about licensing of using videos, pictures and source code. These licenses are different.

Firstly, about video. It is the simplest one in my case. You can use youtube video as embedded video on your blog and on your site (at least on non-commercial).

You can not use picture without a link to source, if it is not a picture from public database or your own. Even if you have included this link the owner can send an email with complaint. I have read the advice that the best way is to ask a permission to use the photo. Unfortunately when I asked a permission to use a photo from newspaper with a link to its site they said that can not help me. During searching for information about this problem I have seen different situations. I can give you one advice: be careful using photos from different sources.

Using source code. It’s a misthought that you can use code without license, because there is the default license that this code belongs to the author. There are different licenses of using code. The code in the tutorial is under 3-BSD license. You can read about BSD-license here.

You should be very attentive when you use third-party resources in your project especially if it is commercial.


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