Django Girls Moscow

This weekend I participated in Django Girls event as a coach! Django Girls is a free one-day workshop for beginners, where everybody can learn how to build a website using Django and Python. Honestly, when I saw that event I wanted to apply. Then I found the tutorial and started to do it. It was very interesting. I decided to finish the tutorial and got prepared to be a coach. I met a lot of amazing people at the event. The girls in my team were very positive and eager for knowledge! I enjoyed this event!

I recommend you to participate in this event. You can be an attendee or a coach or even an organizer.

  • If you want to be an attendee check the upcoming event list. You do not have to know Python or Django. Workshop is for people who are new to programming. If you are a woman and have a laptop — you can apply! At the event do not be shy and ask any questions you have! The tutorial is excellent and I am sure you will like it too.
  • If you want to be a coach you should not be an expert in Python. You should have a desire and some time to go through the tutorial before the event.
  • If you want to be an organizer you can find an organizer manual on the site. I do not know a lot about this role.

You can find all information on the official site. Moreover you can contribute to this project in other way (for instance, translate the tutorial in your language). Check “contribute” section on the site.


Learn new things and do not be afraid to ask questions!


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