Week 10

This week was very productive!

I have finished “TurtleBot follower” lesson. Here is my video with TurtleBots. I am driving the first TurtleBot using joystick and the second one is following it.


Also we decided continue work with rocon (multi-master ros). There is a lesson named “Writing your first rocon application” (in progress). The second lesson will be
“Writing your first interaction”. The idea is that the user does not want to know all details of your application. User interacts with robot via gui. You can change the logic, the sequences of launches inside your application and the user always has working program.

In addition, this week I gave help on ros answers, and my suggestions worked :).

I have not mentioned yet that the midpoint of internship has been successfully reached! I want to tell you about teleworking. I think it is very difficult and some people are not well suited to work at home. It has advantages and disadvantages. Before the internship I thought it is not for me, but now I am not sure :).

You should control yourself: set goals, track progress, stay in touch with your mentor. Every participant has to blog about internship every two weeks. My mentor, Tully Foote, said I have to write about the results every week. It means that I will satisfy the requirements and it will be a report about my work. I think it is an excellent idea. I see the results from the start and moreover every week I have some finished tasks.

It saves your money and time. You do not spend time on the road (at least one-hour in the city) and money on your car or transport, lunch at the office. Also you have more flexibility.

I have not got any problems with my equipment or workspace. I am working at my room where I have a computer. I do not need a lot of space because I work with robots in simulation :). I have quite good Internet connection: I can find all information I need and discuss everything with Tully Foote via hangout.

To sum up, working at home is not bad. If you have an offer and the main problem is this is a remote job, try to do it maybe you will like it!


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