Week 11

This week was really interesting. I have created two lessons. I wanted to make my lessons understandable and explained every steps: not only “do these instructions”, but added a reason for every step. It is a nontrivial thing because we use rocon (multi-master ros). Rocon project has basic definitions and ideas which were not covered in the simulation tutorial. You can find links to the original tutorial in these lessons. Moreover, there are some other difficult topics: running several overlaying packages simultaneously, modifying launch files, using code from github repository.

Also I have changed the example application. Firstly, I thought that basic application it is the best solution. Then, I decided that using TurtleBot follower application is more interesting.

As I mentioned before the idea is to create comfortable tool for interaction between robot and user. There is such a tool in rocon project. There are some modifications: you can launch it on your computer or on your android device. When you launch this tool you can see the role chooser window.


You can be an admin or a user. Then you can see the list of applications that you can run.



Of course, the roles and applications list depends on developer and customer fantasy :).

The process of creating application which you can see in this list consists of two, or even three parts. First, writing the  code of your application. Second, writing all information about how to launch this file, what parameters to use and other settings. This is the functional part of your application. The third part is called “creating interaction”. You have to write all information that you want to show user in this list: icon, name and description of the application, etc.

For better understanding watch this video :).

My internship will come to the end soon, but I have to do a lot of work before. The new phase is coming :).


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