Week 12

This phase is “reviewing + testing”.


I had to test all instructions and commands. It means, that you can install something on your computer and forget to mention about this package in the lesson. In another case, you can skip some steps. I used different laptop for independent testing. I installed ubuntu on that laptop. Then I went step by step through tutorial. Firstly, I installed ros-indigo, then packages for TurtleBot. I finished all lessons without any problems.


I finished reviewing the main simulation track this week. I added some comments, fixed some spelling errors and updated some links. Also I reviewed all youtube videos. The video style has changed since the beginning. I wanted to have the same style in all tutorial videos so I modified some annotations.

I have to learn some new features of git: “Rewriting history”. I have just started and this topic looks very complicated.

Wait for the posts next week . There will be two posts: week post and internship summary :).

Note for new Outreachy applicants

When I learned about an Outreachy program I started reading blogs of previous participants. I was not sure if it is a good program and if I am able to do it? I read different blogs. Women participated in various projects. Blogs motivated me to start searching for a project and making an initial contribution. Here is all information about the upcoming Outreachy round. Outreachy program is a great opportunity to work with amazing people on awesome projects! outreachy-poster-2016-May-August

If you are a student you can also participate in Google Summer of Code.


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