Week 13

The plan for this week was reviewing the challenge section. It was very surprising for me but on this stage I learned one very important thing about ros packages. I used a modification of packages in the tutorial. Previously I used several workspaces: one workspace for each package. Tully Foote said that it is a good practice to use one workspace for all packages which you want to use. It is so simple! I changed some instructions in the lesson. I also added some comments. It is so important to review the text in some time. The pull request to the original repository was created. I think it will take some time to merge it.

The next task was preparing a video with the results. It should be only two minutes in full length and contain introduction, overview of the project and goals and results of the internship. This video contains audio and it is more difficult to create than tutorial video. It is important to prepare a script for the video because it is quite short and it is important to represent all information without long pauses and duplicated information. Tully Foote sent me a template which shows what blocks the video should contain. We also have discussed the script. You will see the result soon :).

It is so strange that the internship is close to the end. From the beginning the more I learned the more interesting tasks were. I like learning new things, I like moments when I understand something more deeply, I like creating lessons and thinking about new topics. There are some more tasks to do and I can do the conclusion of the internship.


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