Internship Summary

The internship is officially finished. The work is finished too. I am so proud of it!

First of all, I have written a lot about the lessons and you can see the result on now! There are two simulation sections: “Learning with the TurtleBot in Simulation” and “Challenge in Simulation”. It is important that you can start learning robotics without a real robot. I hope you will enjoy it!

Here is a video about TurtleBot User Experience project.

In addition you can read the post about the project on Open Source Robotics Foundation site.

I am happy that I have participated in the Outreachy program! I liked my project. It was very interesting to work with robots. I like my mentor Tully Foote. He is very responsible. He was able to find right words to support. He inspired me to do new things. Moreover he is very patient! My English is not very good, he wrote some tips in meeting notes and repeated twice if I was confused. The language practice is very important for me too! During the internship I wrote lessons, weekly posts and discussed the results and the goals.

To sum up, I had an amazing experience working with open source project, met new people and practiced my English!




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